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Yabuta Outlaws is a minor Hostile Faction. The Yabuta Outlaws are created after the character Yabuta of the Sands is released from Tengu's Vault.



 Faction Relations[]

This faction has no special relations with any factions. Their default relation is -100.

Player Relations[]

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  •  ?


The Yabuta Outlaws do not patrol any zones as Homeless Spawns.

There are no locations which the Yabuta Outlaws control.

World States
If certain World States are achieved, this faction can be found patrolling Bast, Grey Desert, Heng, Sinkuun, Skimsands, The Great Desert, and The Hook.
Town Overrides

Depending on World States, these locations can be controlled by this faction.

Mapico-watchtower.png Fort Yabuta (initially named Fort Simion)
Mapico-town.png Stoat