Kenshi Location Map
Kenshi Location Map-01

Map of known zones in Kenshi

Kenshi all in one map

Locations, Zones, and major event territory borders combined into one map

The World of Kenshi has seen much change with the addition of the new lands, which completely overhauled the old map. The new sprawling world map will take the character on a dangerous trek through multiple biomes in vast lands controlled by a number of vying factions. This page will help guide your travels by breaking the world into sections.

The image above is a full map of Kenshi, containing every location on it so far.

List Of World Regions Edit

Northwestern Coast

Cannibal Country

Northwestern Wastes

Holy Nation Territory

Northeast United Cities Territory

West Coastal Region

Central Wastelands

Shek Kingdom Territory


Southwestern Wilderness

South Coastal Region

Eastern Coastal Region

The Southeast

World Locations by Category Edit

Major Towns Edit

Minor Outposts Edit

Other Locations Edit

For Info on Old World locations prior to map overhaul see Old World.

Trivia Edit

  • Kenshi takes place on a tidal-locked moon.
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