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Location Map

The Kenshi world map is vast and multi-colored. Kenshi has many zones with natural, earthy designs which are at odds with more outlandish areas like Leviathan Coast, Gut, and Venge.

Kenshi has many non-player locations, of sizes ranging from a single building to large cities. The game includes a world states system which creates reactions to deaths of notable people. These reactions to power vacuums can result in new locations spawning or in towns being taken over by new factions.

Zones in Kenshi are not just aesthetic, as they have specific soil types, resource availability, and seasons. These factors come into play when players are constructing outposts. Even without building anything, weather can give players pause as harmful weather effects can occur all across the map.

Throughout development, the world of Kenshi went through many changes. For Info on Old World locations prior to map overhaul see Old World.


  • Kenshi takes place on a tidal-locked moon.