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The World States system allows for the player's actions to have lasting consequences on the surrounding world. This affects mainly the spawn rate of Homeless Spawns in Zones and Town Overrides.

The players can influence the world of Kenshi in a number of ways. The most prominent, may be killing or kidnapping the leader of a certain faction. On a smaller faction (such as the Skin Bandits) killing their leader can lead to a vast reduction in the spawn rate of this faction. The faction base is then destroyed or occupied by a different faction. Several of the factions may themselves also have a questlines that may be part of one or many Routes which require certain achievements of World States.

Killing the leader of a larger faction will not necessarily lead to the immediate dissolution of that faction. Instead the player would need to find the other faction leaders and deal with them. These larger factions, such as The Holy Nation and the United Cities, will likely send increasingly strong Base Assaults if the player chooses to kill a minor faction leader before killing the primary leader.

If a player, in some way, manages to recruit a character that affects the world states, they will not trigger as long as that character is not killed or imprisoned.

Shek Kingdom World States:

A decivilized Shek Kingdom will spawn Kamikaze warriors.

Holy Nation World States:

A decivilized Holy Nation will spawn Strayed Paladin crusaders.

The Empire World States:

United Cities

Traders Guild

A decivilized United Cities Empire will spawn Samurai Rogue bandits.

Other World States: