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World's End is a major town found on a mountain top in the Arm of Okran. It is currently the home base of the Tech Hunters faction. A Map to World's End can help find this location. The Shek Kingdom pacifier can be found here.

This location can spawn any of the following characters: Recruit, Adventurer Recruit, Fighter Recruit, Amateur Recruit, Bard, Ex-Slave Recruit, Outlaw Recruit, Tenacious Recruit, Recruit Seeking Revenge, Silvershade, Outlaw Medic, Engineer Recruit, Wall Man, Medic Recruit, Flotsam Ninja, Ninja, Sand Ninja, Dust Bandit, and Hungry Bandit.

Player owned buildings in World's End are safe from Town Overrides.

Science HQ[]

Players can train their First Aid skill inside the Scientist HQ. It also contains a research bench II, but it is faction owned and thus, using it counts as a crime. The robotic assistant, Iyo explains some of Kenshi's history upon request. The Scientists HQ has many barrels and chests which contain the following lore books:

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]