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Wooden Sandals.png
Wooden Sandals
-Weight 0 kg
-Value c.50
-Sell value c.12
[No Armour Coverage]
-Athletics effect 1.10x
-Combat speed effect 1.05x
Classical wooden sandals. They take a bit of getting used to, but they're actually really good for running in sand.

Wooden Sandals are armour that is equipped in the Boots slot. They can be bought from a Boot Trader or looted off of Bandits.

They provide no protection, but increase the wearer's effective Athletics skill, allowing them to run faster. Asides from that, they also provide a slight bonus to Combat speed effect.

This footwear has inventory dimensions of 2x4.


Wooden Sandals are simple footwear made from wood. They are similar in appearance to the Japanese Geta. A leather band keeps the sandals held in place on the feet.


Wooden Sandals can be crafted at a Clothing Bench.


If the player looks closely at the feet of their character, they can notice that their feet are "floating" slightly above the ground (unless the character is a Hiver), it is likely made so that it fits wooden sandals so if the characters put them on it will not appear as if it's buried into the ground.