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Wolf Dens are randomly spawning animal Nests. They can spawn in Bast, Border Zone, Darkfinger, Heng, the Hidden Forest, Leviathan Coast, Northern Coast, Okran's Gulf, Okran's Pride, Okran's Valley, Skinner's Roam, Stenn Desert, and The Eye. These nests contain a lot of bones of various shapes and wolf droppings. They can contain various traces of (un)consumed civilisation (see below).


These are the standard squads which have a chance to spawn at this nest. More information about these squads can be found in FCS.

Wolf Pack nocturnal[]

This squad can contain 1 to 6 Bonedogs. They spawn at 70% of their adult age.

Wolf Pack Den[]

This squad can contain from 1 to 7 Bonedogs. One or two of these will be spawned at 70% their adult age, the rest will be spawned at 20% of their adult age.

Item Spawns[]

This nest can also spawn low grade weapons. These weapons have a high chance of being made by Unknown and Ancient. There is a small chance that these weapons will spawn as Catun Scrapmaster.