A Wind Generator.

Wind Generators are energy production buildings that generate Power based on the current wind speed, which can be seen in the Prospecting information screen or by clicking on the wind generator. Wind power is tied to weather and is not a consistent resource.

A Wind Generator II is an upgraded version of the Wind Generator and produces power via wind. After the initial cost of construction, a Wind Generators II generate power without any additional resource cost so long as there is wind.

A Wind Generator II can produce +1 power for every 1% of wind in the area, meaning a Wind Generator can generate up to a maximum of 100 power. Unlike the Small Wind Generator, the Wind Generator II has a minimum amount of a wind required and will produce no power until the adequate wind is available, making the potential range of production anywhere between 0-100. Operational range for the Wind Generator II are winds between 4.47 and 11.18 mph.

Construction Edit

Small Wind Generator

Wind Generator

Wind Generator II

If upgrading a Wind Generator instead of building a Wind Generator II from scratch, the building cost is only 8 Electrical Components and the Iron Plates are waved.

Functionality Edit

Building Level EnergyOutput Minimum Speed needed (mph) Maximum Speed (mph)
Small Wind Generator 25 1.12
Wind Generator 50 4.47 11.18
Wind Generator II 100 4.47 11.18