Different weapons deal damage in different ways.

Blunt Weapons

Blunt Weapons primarily deal Stun damage, which takes longer to heal but does not require a First Aid Kit.


Hackers are weapons which balance Cutting and Stun damage. Hackers often deal additional damage against Robots and are slightly less effective against Animals.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons are weapons which take longer to swing, but deal large amounts of damage in a wide arc.


Katanas are weapons which specialize in speed and Cutting damage. They usually have bonus damage against humans at the cost of being weak against armour and robots.


Polearms are long weapons which can be swung very quickly. They usually deal additional damage against animals. Their length can be a downside indoors.


Sabres are also weapons which deal both types of damage, primarily Cutting, and can be heavy. The Desert Sabre and the Longsword have additional damage against some races.


Weapon quality is determined by the manufacturer. The weapons that have an Unknown manufacturer are typically too rusted to determine the original creator.

  • Unknown, the rusted weapons.
    • [Model # Rusted Junk]
    • [Model # Rusting Blade]
  • Ancient, weapons from the Old Empire.
    • [Model # Mid-Grade Salvage]
    • [Model # Old Refitted Blade]
    • [Model # Refitted Blade]
  • Catun Scrapmaster, largest manufacturer group in the world.
    • [Model # Catun No.1]
    • [Model # Catun No.2]
    • [Model # Catun No.3]
  • Skeleton Smiths, weapons made by Skeletons from Black Desert City.
    • [Model # Mk I]
    • [Model # Mk II]
    • [Model # Mk III]
  • Edgewalkers, ancient smiths whose work is unrivaled by any modern blades. 
    • [Model # Edge Type 1]
    • [Model # Edge Type 2]
    • [Model # Edge Type 3]
  • Cross, a master smith from history whose blades are the works of legends.
    • [Model # Meitou]
  • Homemade, the playermade weapons.
    • All models included, except for Meitou.
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