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There's a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand.


Combat is a primary part of Kenshi, and all combat is done with weapons. Weapons are items that are split into multiple categories, each dealing different types and amounts of damage. Armour is designed to reduce damage, and can be bypassed by using certain weapons. Weapons can be looted, purchased from a Weapons Trader, or crafted by the player.


Weapon quality is determined by the manufacturer. The weapons that have an Unknown manufacturer are typically too rusted to determine the original creator.

 Types of Weapons

Different weapons deal damage in different ways.

Blunt Weapons

Blunt Weapons deal Stun damage which does not require a First Aid Kit to heal from.


Hackers are weapons which balance Cutting and Stun damage. Hackers often deal additional damage against Robots.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons are weapons which take longer to swing, but can deal much larger amounts of Damage because of it.


Katanas are weapons which specialize in speed and cutting damage.


Polearms are long weapons which can be swung very quickly. They usually deal additional damage against animals. Their length can be a downside indoors.


Sabres are also weapons which deal both types of damage, primarily cutting, and can be heavy. The Desert Sabre and the Longsword have additional damage against some races.


Crossbows are the only ranged weapon available, aside from turrets which are buildings.

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