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Weapon Smith
Weapon Smith.png
Type: Interior/exterior
Materials cost:
Iron Plates 6
Estimated build time: 0 hrs

The core of a good base, this is where you craft your weapons. It can be built outside too, although that will leave it vulnerable to damage in harsh weather.

Early concept art

In game this structure is named "Weapon Smith" but for the purposes of this wiki we will refer it to as the "Weapon Smithing Bench" to avoid confusion with the Weapon Smith skill.

Each level of this buildings allows crafting of higher quality weapons at the expense of more valuable raw materials. As input the first level uses iron plates, the second level uses iron plates and fabric, and the third level uses steel bars and fabric. Each level takes progressively more raw materials to build and requires more research for its construction.

Building Level Material Cost Power Consumption Efficiency Materials Used Min Quality Max Quality Tech Level Required
Weapon Smith I 6 x Iron Plates 8 100% Iron Plates Rusted Junk Refitted Blade Tech Level 1
Weapon Smith II 20 x Iron Plates 12 150% Iron Plates Fabric Rusting Blade Catun No.3 Tech Level 3
Weapon Smith III 35 x Iron Plates 30 200% Steel Bars Fabric Old Refitted Blade Edge Type 3* Tech Level 5

*As listed by FCS. In practice and sans mods, the maximum quality able to be crafted by the player is Edge Type 2 with a critical success and Edge Type 1 without it.