Stats Affected: [Affects physical bulk]
The ability to craft higher quality weapons, in a shorter space of time
-Crafting weapons speed
-Crafted weapon quality
Ways to Train:
-Crafting weapons

Skills Page as of .42.2

The Weapon Smithing stat affects the speed and quality of weapons crafted by the player at a Weapon Smithy.  This skill is exclusively increased by actively crafting weapons at the bench.

The ability to smith weapons is negatively affected by injuries and darkness. Therefore, the weapon crafter should be fully healed and lighting fixtures should be present throughout the whole crafting process in order to prevent quality deterioration.

Racial Experience Multipliers
Negative Multiplier:
-Deadhive Soldier
-Hive Soldier Drone
-Southern Hive Soldier Drone
Positive Multiplier:
-P4 Unit
All multipliers are either 0.8x or 1.2x unless marked otherwise.

 Weapon Grades Edit

Unlike in Armour Smith, players must research advanced weapon grades in order to craft superior items.

Weapons Grades by Level
Quality Level Range
Rusted Junk 1
Rusting Blade 10
Mid-Grade Salvage 15
Old Refitted Blade 20
Refitted Blade 25
Catun No.1 30
Catun No.2 35
Catun No.3 40
Mk I 50
Mk II 55
Mk III 60
Edge Type 1 70
Edge Type 2 75
Edge Type 3 80

Edge Type 2 quality weapons can not be crafted consistently and a critical success must be achieved in order to craft one. Edge Type 3 and Meitou weapons are only able to be crafted through Modding.

Critical Success Chance Edit

Upon crafting a weapon there is a chance that the weapon crafted will be one quality grade higher than normal. This 'critical success chance' is dependent on how much higher the crafter's skill is compared to the weapon quality is crafting. The chance of a critical success can be viewed by selecting the weapon crafting station, selecting "Queue...", and rolling the cursor over the weapon currently being crafted.

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