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Waystations are Minor Outposts controlled by the Tech Hunters. There are four in total and two Waystation Ruins. All Waystation locations have a chance of being the initial town of the Freedom Seekers Game Start. An additional Waystation building can be found in Black Scratch.


Waystation Ruins

Inside towns

Bar Squads

These locations can spawn any of the following characters: Recruit, Adventurer Recruit, Fighter Recruit, Amateur Recruit, Bard, Ex-Slave Recruit, Outlaw Recruit, Tenacious Recruit, Recruit Seeking Revenge, Silvershade, Outlaw Medic, Engineer Recruit, Wall Man, Medic Recruit, Bar Thug Drunk, Flotsam Ninja, Ninja, Sand Ninja, Dust Bandit, and Hungry Bandit. Hobbs might spawn here too.