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Wanted Poster

In many towns, shops will have Wanted Posters for certain 'criminals.' Characters do not require the wanted poster in order to collect the associated Bounty.

Recruitable Criminals

Minor Outlaws

Faction Leaders

Infamous Criminals

Non-Posted Bounties

Unknown Criminals

WANTED: The Canyonlands Killer
Race: Scorchlander

Gender: Male

Description: Attractive. Dark skinned. Bulky frame. Long hair.

Violent and deranged individual guilty of luring and killing travellers on the Eastern trade route.

REWARD: c.10,000
WANTED: Butcher of Black Scratch
Lock your doors, protect your loved ones! Beware the Butcher!

Wanted for the murder and mutilation of multiple citizens also known as the Black Scratch Massacre. Description and whereabouts unknown.

UPDATE: Please bring ALL suspects to the police for interrogation: Any person found of execution by their own judgement will face punishment of murder.
REWARD: c.10,000
WANTED: "Four-Teeth" Milton
Wanted for multiple charges of theft, murder and sexual assault. Reports suggest settlement in the swamps with protection from local gang members, seek caution.
REWARD: c.10,000