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A member of a discord community made up this challenge playthrough for a few of us, here is the rules and my progress.

Zilican Meitou Challenge Rules

Rule 1. You can only recruit a character when you have a meitou weapon to give them, and they must be given the weapon instantly/keep the meitou weapon given to them equipped at all times. (You cannot use animals)
Rule 2. You cannot steal from shops (specifically taking the items out of shops, picking up items and putting them back for xp is fine, im not a monster!)
Rule 3. No mods
Rule 4. Default Wanderer start, 4x nests, 2x squad size, Global Population x3, All other "advanced options" set to default, dismemberment set to rare or higher.
Rule 5. You cannot sell any items you craft, however you can use them (e.g. selling the raw ore is fine, but if you create a sword from it you cannot sell it)
Rule 6. You cannot use any other weapons other than meitou models.
Rule 7. No "arena" fighting for free xp, all combat xp must be earned in the world.
Rule 8. If you accidentally recruit an npc (free npc's through diaglue) you must abandon them immediately.
Rule 9. Your first 7 characters must all be a unique subrace. (E.g. you cannot have two scorchlanders in your first 7 characters)
Rule 10. Praise Beep (beep must be alive, and in your squad by the end of the game).

Win Condition: Collect all meitou weapons and have each one equipped to a character.

Meitou Challenge Begins

Day 1: A small, young, scorchlander girl named Zilican, embarks on a grand quest to collect the very best weapons in the land.
Day 12: Meitou Frag Axe acquired. Lifted gingerly from it's owner as he slept. it weighs 72kg. She struggles to carry it and looks to find someone to help.
Day 20: She finds an old, retired, skeleton, adventurer named Burn, standing at the base of his tower, looking out to the horizon. his old frame struggles to lift the Meitou Frag Axe but he assures her that he will be able to wield it and follow her on her adventure.
Day 32: Meitou Paladins Cross acquired. Stolen while surrounded by sleeping guards. A pack of hired mercenaries waiting in the next room to cause a distraction if something went wrong. She escaped without notice.
Kang joined
Stat Training
Day 55: Meitou Horse Chopper acquired. Red Sabre boss KOed and kidnapped during a distraction from blood spiders
Day 56: Meitou Ninja Blade acquired. Dimak ran out of the tower of ninjas to meet the slavemongers raid. She seized the opportunity
Day 58: Meitou Jitte acquired. Espher broken out of prison, he decided to join us
Pia Joined
Silvershade Joined
Stat Training, Pia -1 Arm
Slavers atempt to capture Burn from inside our own HQ. Declare war on slavers for revenge.
Day 82: Meitou Wakizashi acquired. The first slave master brought down. Head north to lay waste to the slave camps.
Slave master #2, #3 assassinated.
Day 98: Agnu Joined, Meitou Holed Sabre, Heavy Polearm. Captured beakthings were effectively used as a distraction
Slave master #4 assassinated.
Day 101: Meitou Wakizashi #2 acquired, slave master #5 down, the war gets put on hold. Head south, need more weapons.
Day 105: Meitou Longsword get, easy pick pocket
Day 106: Maitou Moon Cleaver get, another easy pick pocket
Day 109: Meitou Longsword #2 get on second attempt, almost got downed and enslaved by reavers
Day 109: Meitou Ringed Sabre get, another easy pick pocket
Day 111: Meitou Exile Plank get, another easy pick pocket.
Time to recruit
Ray joined (Rule 9 complete.) 
Lo Wang joined
Rane The Giant joined
Griffin joined
Day 121: Horse joined
Day 123: Beep and Crumblejon join
Day 125: Sadneil joined
Stat Training
Alliance with Anti-Slavers
Day 164: Bo joined. Meitou Staff pick pocketed by Zilican while Silvershade tries to destract the spiderbots, he immediately fails and loses a leg, it has made him stronger.
We are ready, the war on slavers resumes
Slave master #6 assassinated.
Day 169: Meitou Katana, Luquin broken out of prison
Slave master #7 & #8 assassinated. Luquin is pleased
Day 179: Meitou Wakizashi #3, Ells joined
Slave master #9 assassinated.
Day 185: Bugmaster captured, Foreign Sabre acquired
Day 186: Alliance with Shek, Seto joined
Day 189: Meitou Combat Cleaver
Day 193: Meitou Polearm
Day 194: Meitou Nodachi and Meitou Short-Cleaver. Alliance with skin bandits.
Day 195: Meitou Topper, Guardless Katana, Heavy Jitte and Falling Sun 
Day 198: Meitou Naginata, Lumi joined
Doc Chung, Miu, Hamut and Chad joined
Day 199: Meitou Frag Axe … again, Esata fell into some acid
Project: "Eyegore Bait" Outpost begun.
Ruka, Darl and Aric joined
Day 209: Duplicate Meitou Katana from Tengu
Day 210: Meitou Desert Sabre, Eyegore and Tengu escaped
Day 213: Meitou Frag Axe #2, Shek dont like me anymore.
Challenge Complete