Recent discussion of wiki translations, thought I might link to all of the different wikis out there. It looks like at least half of all Kenshi wikis have been abandoned.

  • Kenshi Chinese Wiki  was one user's attempt at translating our wiki. They didn't get very far and the most recent activity was late March.
  • Kenshi Wiki is the other FANDOM Chinese wiki. This wiki matches our wiki more closely and has had activity within the last 3 weeks. 
  • Kenshi Huijiwiki is the best of the three Chinese wikis. This wiki has the most pages so far, 336 to be exact, and has had activity within the last day.
  • Kenshi Japanese @wiki is a Japanese wiki which appears to be attempting a migration to wiki3. Despite that, it has more recent activity with edits dated tomorrow.
  • Kenshi Japanese Wiki3 is supposed to be the primary Japanese wiki. Both Japanese wikis have the same styling, but a user poll on the @wiki won out in favor of moving to the wiki3. This wiki had activity a couple days ago.
  • Wiki Kenshi is a tiny French wiki with 11 pages. It was last edited earlier this week. 
  • Kenshi Wiki Guide is two pages on IGN about Kenshi. It was last edited last December. It has one pretty cool image, aside from the lofi marketing image. 

Please comment or message me if you are aware of any additional Kenshi wikis!

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