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  • Jellywish09

    Old Icons for UC Books

    October 30, 2019 by Jellywish09

    A while ago, LoFi hired someone to redesign the icons for items. But as I was updating pages, I noticed that the icons for books which are related to the UC weren't changed. Mostly, they all use this icon  or the letter icon. Book1 icon looks like a spiral-bound notebook. Meanwhile, books distributed in the HN look like hardcover bound books. (example: Scripture of Radiance Series) 

    I feel like this small detail goes against lore somewhat as the HN is the faction opposed to technology. But it could still make sense as in Europe's dark ages, monastaries produced intricate books with roughly the same tech level as HN has. Possibly the books in the UC are garb looking because they're mass produced by slaves, but in the HN there are dedicated b…

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  • Jellywish09

    Other Language Wikis

    September 25, 2019 by Jellywish09

    Recent discussion of wiki translations, thought I might link to all of the different wikis out there. It looks like at least half of all Kenshi wikis have been abandoned.

    • Kenshi Chinese Wiki  was one user's attempt at translating our wiki. They didn't get very far and the most recent activity was late March.
    • Kenshi Wiki is the other FANDOM Chinese wiki. This wiki matches our wiki more closely and has had activity within the last 3 weeks. 
    • Kenshi Huijiwiki is the best of the three Chinese wikis. This wiki has the most pages so far, 336 to be exact, and has had activity within the last day.
    • Kenshi Japanese @wiki is a Japanese wiki which appears to be attempting a migration to wiki3. Despite that, it has more recent activity with edits dated tomo…
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  • Jellywish09

    Best Skeleton Couple

    September 5, 2019 by Jellywish09

    Dack and Quin are probably going to fall apart eventually. Always arguing about hoarding and selling their junk. But their home is spacious enough for a lot more stuff and they have a secure business.

    Ponk and StF are wanted criminals and eventually someone is going to get them.

    Agnu and Beep have a great love story but Agnu might be headed towards increasing malfunctions.

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  • Jellywish09

    Shek Kingdom Map

    April 29, 2019 by Jellywish09

    The Shek Kingdom map is poorly designed. The lore is that their civilization is in ruins because of the unending war with The Holy Nation, and there's two maybe three ruined locations on the map which support that.

    Specifically the Shek Ruins, which display that the SK previously had more settlements than they currently do. Except, the Shek Ruins is located in between Squin and Admag. If HN caused the destruction of an SK settlement, why wouldn't it be the one located closest to the HN?

    The excuse is probably that Squin is much more defensible. But if SK has a well defended settlement nearer to the border, how did HN manage to get so far into their territory and physically ruin the now-ruins.

    Probably the settlement fell to ruins because the …

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  • Jellywish09

    Kenshi Fashion

    April 8, 2019 by Jellywish09

    Kenshi doesn't have an armour degredation mechanic (unless worn inside a peeler machine), so Drifter's Leather Jackets don't start out as complete jackets and then over time lose a sleeve. All Drifter's Leather Jackets are made with the same missing sleeve. This is true for homemade leather jackets too.

    Here's the theory: in one of the old empires, complete, both-sleeved leather jackets were made. But after the fall of one of the empires, all of those jackets were lost except for one single-sleeved jacket. Someone liked that jacket a lot so they made a blueprint based on it, but they intentionally didn't make it symmetrical. Probably because they thought it looked cooler that way. Every armour crafter since has felt the same way about the s…

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