aka Lucas

  • I live in Rather Not talk about it
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Admiring Earthbound
  • I am Male
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This character is currently in a diplomatic status, harming him will cause bad you to have bad reputations with the Italian Army

Speaking of the Italian army, that's the faction I am currently leading.Yeay. I am Wittyjacob09 aka. Lucas and my favorite games are A hat in time and Kenshi, that's what im writing.. Back to Kenshi. Im a lower ranked because I just joined this wiki. That's all to talk about.

Italian Army Edit

The infamous Italian army are known Funny crazy curious energetic Malnourished ugly Hideous freaky well-Known Territorial Terrorist. Freak that are Sonic mutations, Super mutant, skinnier, Weird headed people. When they do rituals to the Kral's, They use a Peeling Machine and do a dance like this. They take thing too far and the leading person is Magikarp, Not the pokemon


Still WIPEdit

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