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Icons Edit

Needs Confirmation
  • Holy Seal (just find out what icon is used - this won't be on vendor pages)
Missing Outdated Icon

Armour Format Reminder Edit

{{Equipment Intro|Description = description|Icon = Armour.png|Type = Headgear/Body Armour/Shirt/Legwear/Footewear|Armour Type = Heavy/Medium/Light Armour//Clothing}}


The '''Armour'' is a Armour Type equipped in the Type slot. Insert short, extra miscellaneous info or tidbits

This armour has inventory dimensions of '''?x?'''.


The '''Armour''' etc etc

== Stats ==

{{Armour}} use template

== Source ==

There are no characters which have a guaranteed chance of spawning with this item equipped.
There are no characters which only have a chance of spawning with this item equipped.
This item is not found in shop locations.
This item is not found in any non-shop locations.

== Crafting ==

{{Research}} of bench

{{Crafting|building = Bench|input0 = |input0amount = |output = Armour|input1 = |input1amount = |imagesettings = 75px}}


{{Greenprint|name = Armour|level = 1|prerequisites = None|new_items = Armour|value = |sellvalue = }}

Fast Armour Shops Edit

armour king (Skeletons) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Armour King]]|Armour Spawn=1|Standard=2|High=80|Specialist=110|Masterwork=50}}

armor vendor holy (THN) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Holy Armor Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Prototype=11|Shoddy=42|Standard=36|High=11}}

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Inquisitor Police Station]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Inquisitor Barracks]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Holy Armory]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Holy Barracks]]<br>

{{Map Icon|x}} [[Watchtower]]<br>

armor vendor mongrel (Mongrel) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Mongrel Armor Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Shoddy=20|Standard=51|High=20|Specialist=9}}

armor vendor ronin/shek (Shek) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Shek Armor Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Prototype=15|Shoddy=29|Standard=43|High=12|Specialist=1}}

armor vendor ronin/tech hunter (Tech Hunters) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Ronin Armor Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Shoddy=12|Standard=61|High=24|Specialist=3}}

armor vendor UC Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Empire Armor Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Prototype=4.2|Shoddy=43|Standard=43|High=13|Specialist=0.8}}

armour swamp (Mercenaries & Swampers) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Mercenary Smithy]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=25|Shoddy=50|Standard=25|High=0.1}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Shark Smithy]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=8|Shoddy=46|Standard=38|High=8}}

armour vendor ninja (Flotsam Ninjas) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Flotsam Armory]]|Armour Spawn=1||Shoddy=59|Standard=29|High=12}}

{{Map Icon|x}} [[Cactus Den]]<br>

{{Map Icon|x}} [[Tower Of Ninjas]]<br>

best armour shop UC (Tech Hunters) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Heft Armor Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Shoddy=12|Standard=61|High=24|Specialist=3}}

cannibal treasure (idk cannibals maybe) Edit

{{Map Icon|town}} [[Cannibal Capital]]<br>

{{Map Icon|village}} [[Cannibal Village]]<br>

{{Map Icon|village}} [[First Village]]<br>

clothing vendor/under-armor vendor (Mongrel, UC, HN) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Mongrel Clothes Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Shoddy=20|Standard=51|High=20|Specialist=9}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Clothing Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=3.2|Shoddy=42|Standard=42|High=12|Specialist=0.8}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Clothes Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=11|Shoddy=42|Standard=36|High=11}}

crab gear (Crab Raiders) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Crab Smithy]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=25|Shoddy=50|Standard=25|High=1}}

hats vendor holy (THN) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Holy Headgear Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=11|Shoddy=42|Standard=36|High=11}}

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Inquisitor Police Station]]<br>

footwear vendor (UC, Free Traders, Flotsam, Mongrel, Tech Hunters, HN) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Boot Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Shoddy=20|Standard=51|High=20|Specialist=9}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Drifter's Last General Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=3.2|Shoddy=42|Standard=42|High=12|Specialist=0.8}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Holy Boot Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=11|Shoddy=42|Standard=36|High=11}}

hats vendor ronin (Tech Hunters & Deadcat + Swamp Gangs) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Deadcat Big Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=25|Shoddy=50|Standard=25|High=0.1}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Headgear Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Shoddy=12|Standard=61|High=24|Specialist=3}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Rot Big Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=25|Shoddy=50|Standard=25|High=0.1}}

hats vendor UC (United Cities) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Drifter's Last General Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=3.2|Shoddy=42|Standard=42|High=12|Specialist=0.8}}

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Sho-Battai Headgear Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=3.2|Shoddy=42|Standard=42|High=12|Specialist=0.8}}

hive (hive) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Hive Trader]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=25|Shoddy=50|Standard=25|High=1}}

rare blueprints Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Scraphouse]|Blueprint Spawn=1}}

{{Map Icon|town}} [[Cat-Lon's Exile]]<br>

shinobi gear (Shinobi Thieves) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Thieves Guild]]|Armour Spawn=1|Shoddy=13|Standard=69|High=17|Specialist=1}}

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Anti-Slaver Barracks]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Anti-Slaver HQ]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Anti-Slaver Prison]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Flotsam Barracks]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Flotsam HQ]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Mongrel HQ]]<br>

{{Map Icon|shop}} [[Tech Hunter HQ]]<br>

super adventure shop (Tech Hunters) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Tech Hunter Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Shoddy=12|Standard=61|High=24|Specialist=3}}

swamp clothing shop (Swampers) Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[Swamp Travel Shop]]|Armour Spawn=1|Blueprint Spawn=1|Prototype=8|Shoddy=46|Standard=38|High=8}}

comprehensive common armour blueprints Edit

{{SourceGrades/Shop|name=[[The Great Library]]|Blueprint Spawn=1}}

Stats Copy Edit

{{Stats|Strength = 20|Dexterity = 20|Melee Attack = 20|Melee Defence = 20|Katanas = 20|Sabres = 20|Hackers = 20|Heavy Weapons = 20|Blunt = 20|Athletics = 20|Field Medic = 5|Engineer = 0|Science = 0|Labouring = 0|stats randomize = 5}}

Remaining Armour Values Edit

add shit i missed thx

Empty Pages Edit

curse ex-admin ruin when you start on these

re: cursed.

Headgear Edit

Body Armour Edit

Shirts Edit

Legwear Edit

Shoes Edit

some still need pictures of it being worn

all need greenprint fixing

Town Residents Edit

If Ive missed any traders add the FCS name here. If you create a trader page, please add it here so that we remember if its already been made.

page linkFCS namesubcategory
Adventurer Bar Adventurer Waystation BarBars
Adventurer Mechanical Shop Adventurer Mechanical Shoptrader
Adventurer Ranger Shop Shop Crossbow AdvWeapons Shops
Armour King's Shop armour kingArmour & Clothing Shops
Bakery BakeryBars
Bar of Mourn Bar MournBars
Blackshifter Casino Bar blsh casino guyBars
Boot Shop shop travel/bootsArmour & Clothing Shops
Catun Scrapmasters Catun Scrapmasters Weapons Shops
Clothes Shop Shop clothes holy Armour & Clothing Shops
Clothing Shop Shop armour/clothes UC Armour & Clothing Shops
Crab Bar Crab Bar Bars
Crab Shop Crab Man Shop Animal Shop
Crab Smithy crab raider smithy shop Armour & Clothing Shops
Deadcat Bar deadcat big barBars
Deadcat Big Shop deadcat mini travel shop trader
Drifter's Last General Shop Shop 27 travelboothats UC Armour & Clothing Shops
Empire Armour ShopShop armor UCArmour & Clothing Shops
Empire Bakery bakery UCBars
Empire BarShop bar EmpireBars
Empire Big Bar UC big bar Bars
Empire General Shop Shop trader UC biggertrader
Empire Mechanical Shop shop tools UC trader
Empire Ranger Shop Shop weapons CrossbowWeapons Shops
Empire Weapon Shop weapon vendor UC big Weapons Shops
Farm Shop farm shop UCtrader
Flats Lagoon Bar Adventurer Lagoon BarBars
Flotsam Armory flotsam military armoury Armour & Clothing Shops
Flotsam Bar Flotsam Bakery Bars
General Shop Shop trade advtrader
Ghost Bar ghost bar Bars
Headgear Shop shop hats roninArmour & Clothing Shops
Heft Armour Shop best armour shop UC Armour & Clothing Shops
Hive Robotics Shop hive robotics shop trader
Hive Trader hive trader trader
Holy Armour Shop holy armour shopArmour & Clothing Shops
Holy Bakery holy BakeryBars
Holy Boot Shop shop travel/boots holyArmour & Clothing Shops
Holy General Shop holy Shop trade adv trader
Holy Headgear Shop shop hats holy Armour & Clothing Shops
Holy Hospital holy hospitaltrader
Holy Mechanical Shop shop tools holytrader
Holy Nation Bar shop bar holyBars
Holy Weapon Shop Shop weapons holy Weapons Shops
Hospital hospitaltrader
Independent Bar bar indieBars
Mercenary Travel Gear Adventure shop (swamp store) trader
Mercenary Smithy Merc smithy (swamp house)
Mongrel Armour Shop shop armor Mongrel Armour & Clothing Shops
Mongrel Clothes Shop shop clothes Armour & Clothing Shops
Mongrel Robotics Workshop mini robot workshop advtrader
Mongrel Weapon Shop Shop weapons Mongrel Weapons Shops
Robotics Shop Robotics shop (black desert)trader
Robotics Workshop mini robot workshop expensivetrader
Ronin Weapon Shop Shop weapons Ronin Weapons Shops
Rot Big Shop deadcat mini travel shop trader
Shark Smithy swamp smithy Weapons Shops
Shark Travel Shop swamp travel shoptrader
Shek Armour Shop Shop armor ronin/shek Armour & Clothing Shops
Shek Bar Bar shekBars
Shek Weapon Shop shop heavy weapons Weapons Shops
Sho-Battai Headgear Shop shop hats UCArmour & Clothing Shops
Skeleton Bar skeleton city barBars
Small Empire BarShop bar Empire smallBars
Small Empire Weapon Shop Shop Weapons UC small Weapons Shops
Swamp General Shop swamp trade goods trader
Tech Hunter Shop super adventure shoptrader
The Dancing Skeleton the dancing skeletonBars
The Great Library Bookshopvault
Thieves Guild Thieves Guild trader
Trade Ninjas Bar Bar blackmarketBars
Travel and Repairs Shop Adventure shop adv w/ repairtrader
Travel Gear Adventure shoptrader
Used Clothing Shop stolen slave clothing shop Armour & Clothing Shops
Ronin Armor Shop Shop armor tech hunter Armour & Clothing Shops
rebel farmer barracks
Fish Shop Fish shop trader
farm village barracks peasant
Civilian family UC
swamp shop mechanical
grayflayer hq
blackshifter hq
Nomad town resident
Nomad Animal Shop Town Merchant Nomad shop
Holy Slave Processing
rebirth garrison
Swamper Twinblade
skinhouse -south hive
skin bandit HQ
slave farm trader
Shop armour/clothes UC
holy materials storage (small shack)
holy General storage
Trashed building
south hive workers (w/ guards)
south hive workers solo
swamp dome -south hive copy
Hive Queen south
tinfist hq Faction HQ
hub squatters copy berserker squatters
shek HQ (override) Mukai Faction HQ
shek HQ Faction HQ
shek resident
storage shek
battery station
University big Faction HQ
Slavery Shop
traders guild HQ Faction HQ
Barracks UC Barracks
Big General Storage vault
Anti slaver HQ (override) Faction HQ?
Anti slaver (override) Barracks
Shek fortess Faction HQ?
Barracks cannibal hunters Barracks
Cannibal hunter hq Faction HQ
deadcat mini travel shop
Swamper Stone Rat HQ Faction HQ
small generator shack
stone camp shop
Slaver Shop w/ workers
yabuta barracks Barracks
Yabuta HQ Faction HQ
Ronin Mechanical Shop shop tools ronin trader
Mongrel Tech Workshop shop tools ronin adv trader
Shark Big Shop swamp shop mechanical trader
Bank bankvault
Empire Armoryarmory UCvault
Empire General Storage Storehouse UC vault
Holy Armory holy armouryvault
Noble House all dem nobles hq-ish
Police Station Police Station Tower police
Shek Police Station Shek Town Guard police
Slaver Barracks Slaver Barracksvault
Temple Holy Priest church other
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