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Hi! I'm Jelly, wiki admin for the Toontown: Corporate Clash Wiki and current owner of the State of Decay Wiki. The Kenshi Wiki is the first Wiki I ever became admin for. I'm less active here nowadays, but I still check it on occasion.

Write on my message wall if there is an issue with any of the templates I made, or write on my message wall just to say hi (preferably in beeps)!


  • It's worth it to take out The Queen if it means that there are more Droneguards in the world.
  • Assassination is super OP when taking out nobles. (at least the High Inquisitors make you work for it)
  • Diplomatic Status is the worst UI in this entire game. (What, you're just supposed to randomly guess whether a diplomat has a bounty?)
  • It would be so amusing if Kenshi 2 was visually nothing like the first game, like just forget about making The Swamp a port city and any of the building styles. Maybe the skeletons could also look nothing alike - but the developers should be like "Things change over time, this is the same world just earlier"
  • Mr. Floppy should be brought back


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  • photoshop the twitter link button so the bird is smaller
  • photoshop better maps for zones
    • mask greyscale sections outside zones to display clear boundaries
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    • delete update blog posts?
  • Seasons and Weather
    • consider creating a template for use on Zones pages

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The Hidden Community Notes on this user
  • This user is an amazing part of the community and very fun to talk to on the Discord! (Also has been called a "waifu" on the server a few times! How intriguing!)
  • Strongly Dislikes the "MEE6" Bot the Discord server has, as it regularly bugs her.