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I personally think...

Human's are the best race in Kenshi, given their ability of being an all-rounded warrior-economist, other races may have more efficient workforce with their specific abilities, though that only tends to give them better ways to commit crimes, hence the necessity to have a human escort to guide them.

The Holy Nation is the most stable and righteous faction in the land of Kenshi, through the discipline of Okran they have proven their worth and values higher than what any other factions can achieve, whether it's the barbarity of SK, hypocrisy of Flotsam, or the greed of UC.

Out of all non-human individuals, Beep is the only one that deserves a special HN pass sent by Phoenix himself for being the strongest warrior.

Life's greatest achievments: Participation award, editing the profile page periods over 200 times, finally decided to check FCS himself once despite 3 years of gameplay.

Editing Related Stuff: I try to be as biased and edgy in the comment section as much as I try to be objective and inclusive in terms of editing wiki pages, if there are any edits from me that you think does not qualify as being objective and/or failed to take into account for the other side, feel free to contact me via the message wall.

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