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WANTED: Gelion
His Holy Excellency Lord Phoenix, praise be His name, and His Illustrious Majesty Emperor Tengu, the embodiment of wit and fashion, in the interest of all the lawful citizens of the world, have come to a historic accord and bestow upon you the holy honour and the highest civic duty by cleansing the land of the foul blasphemous criminal going by the name of “Gelion”.

The said villain has usurped the glorious and fertile lands of the Skinner's Roam where his unwashed gang has erected a bull's barn they call a city. Through dark magic and witchcraft the said settlement has somehow withstood the righteous attempts to restore law and order on this spit of land.

The criminal uses sophisticated techniques of mind control to brainwash a whole army of dark servants to obey his will. Brave adventurers, holy servants, mercenaries, thugs and criminals! Anyone bringing the head of said criminal and those of his generals will get a full pardon and a substantial reward.

REWARD: c.77,777
Poster can be found in: The Holy Nation, United Cities

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