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Version 0.60 was a quick update fixing population movements and adding Base Assaults to the game.

This official news post is copied verbatim from the Lo-Fi Games Blog.
It was written by Chris.

This is quite a small update that I rushed out to patch the population problem. If you found that NPC and bandit squads were scarce in recent updates, this should fix it. Be careful if you turned up the squad numbers in the options.

There is also a new assault feature, where factions can approach your base and make threats and stuff. There is only one encounter included in this release, like a kind of tester. Many more will be added over time, and I will take your feedbacks into account.

Screenshot 2270.jpg



  • Assaults! Bandits and other factions will approach your base and talk, giving you a chance to grovel, pay, join or anger them. This way you can avoid impossible fights at the early stages. Diplomacy in Kenshi is all through face-to-face dialogue with NPCs. Only 1 assault type is in there to start with (dust bandits), more will be added over time, from different factions.
  • Characters can give reasons why they are incapable of doing a task (eg the machine has no power).
  • Bleed rate is now shown in the GUI with arrows instead of a confusing number.


  • Fine-tuned the worlds population movements, so you should find you encounter way more bandits and stuff now.
  • Cannibals kill their prisoners properly now.