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This weapon is probably a few hundred years old, any indentifiable[sic] markings have long since rusted away.

–In-game description

Unknown weapons are weapons which have no identifiable manufacturers.


Unknown weapons have no identifiable manufacturer due to being oxidized by nature, and are particularly low-grade. Their quality is generally weak and very unsuitable for combat. But on the upside, they're extremely cheap to buy. They perform worse than any other manufacturer. Various bandit groups such as the Starving Bandits and the Dust Bandits often wield these weapons.

Consider using weapons of this grade for training stronger characters, as they will generally only get to swing once at most opponents if they use stronger weapons.


  • Price: 0.3
  • Blunt Damage: 1
  • Cut Damage: 1
  • Min Cut Damage: 1
  • Weight: 1


  • Rusted junk
  • Rusting blade