The United Cities (AKA "The Empire") is a very large, racially diverse, feudalistic slaver society that controls large portions of land across the continent. Ruled by Emperor Tengu, they are a highly corrupt empire, and monetary worth is the prime measure of a person in their culture. So much so, that being poor and hungry is a crime that can get you arrested. The drug Hashish is highly illegal, and the samurai guards are obsessed with purging it from their streets.   

Slavery and serfdom are important pillars of their empire, providing food and material. Anti-slavery ideologies are considered extremist perspectives and treated as a form of terrorism. Another pillar is the Traders Guild. The guild brings their cities great wealth and prosperity. They have advanced technologies, higher quality equipment, and valuable luxuries imported from distant lands.  

The Empire is ruled by the Noble Circle, a racially-diverse group of extremely narcissistic, cruel, and entitled lords and ladies. They are known for hunting peasants for sport, making outlandish requests to their guards (such as ordering them to train a pet Leviathan), and generally lacking concern for the lives of anyone beneath them.  

Samurai are the leading military and police force of the United Cities.  

Characters Edit

The Noble Circle Edit

The Noble Circle is the ruling class of the United Cities. The emperor is elected from this group. The Noble Circle includes Emperor Tengu, Lady Sanda, Lady Tsugi, Lord Inaba, Lord Shiro, Lord Nagata, Lord Ohta, and Lord Yoshinaga. Attacking any of these characters will severely harm your relations with this faction. It is also possible to influence the World States by attacking these characters.

The Noble Circle also may include the Nobles of the Traders Guild and the Noble Hunter.

Unique Characters Edit

Generic Characters Edit

*These characters do not spawn naturally. They may only spawn when certain World States are achieved or during Events.

Generic Characters will spawn as these Races (relative chance):

Armour Quality Edit

Armours located in shops of this Faction can have these qualities (relative chance):

  • Prototype (5)
  • Shoddy (50)
  • Standard (50)
  • High (15)
  • Specialist (1)

Relations Edit

The factions this faction has special relations towards. For all others, it will use this faction's default (0).
From United Cities Towards United Cities
Slave Traders (+60)
The Holy Nation (-100)
Traders Guild (+100)
Anti-Slavers (-100)
Bounty Hunters (60)
Empire Peasants (100)
Free Traders (100)
Shek Kingdom (coexistence)
Slave Traders (100)
The Holy Nation (-100)
The Old Empire (-100)
Traders Guild (100)

Machinists and Tech Hunters make use of the United Cities legal system.

Player Relations Edit

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  • If you start as the Son of a Captain character, your father was a former soldier in their army. This makes them very favorable to you.  
  • Turning in Bounties will give a slight increase in relations.
    • Common Bounties on Outlaw Farmers, Sand ninja's

When you reach 50 relations with the United Cities, you are automatically allied with them. By talking to Koin in Heft, players can learn about ways to become allies with the United Cities.
Money Option
"A small matter of paying your way through the ranks." Players can donate c. 20,000 or c. 50,000 in order to gain favour with the United Cities. To become a full fledged ally, a total of 100,000 cats must be donated.
Influence Option
"Control of a strategically impressive outpost will be enough to show your worth to us."
Force Option
They want you to bring Tinfist to the police.
Alliance Perks

Allying the United Cities has certain benefits the player can exploit.

  • Occasionally, samurai squads will follow a player character in an effort to protect them. They will follow the player character for a number of days before they depart. A player can exploit this to gain an immeasurable amount of loot from bandit parties and wildlife.
  • You can now settle on United Cities land tax free. Be aware that much of UC land also overlaps with the Trader's Guild, who will also tax the player if they are not allied to them as well.
  • The Sand Ninjas and Slave Traders will no longer send raids to your base unprovoked.
  • United Cities patrols will aid the player characters by healing them.
  • You can now use equipment in their police station.
  • Nobles won't hunt you for sport.
  • Guards will no longer demand a bribe.

There are also drawbacks.

  • Rebel farmers and Anti-Slavers will turn hostile.
    • Considering Rebel Farmers are already hostile, and Anti Slavers live on the other side of the continent from Heft, this isn't really a problem.


United Cities patrols can spawn in Bast, Heng, Stormgap Coast, The Great Desert, and The Hook.
These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-ruin Abandoned Town
Mapico-town Bark
Mapico-ruin Bast
Mapico-town Brink
Mapico-town Catun
Mapico-town Clownsteady
Mapico-town Drifter's Last
Mapico-ruin Drin
Mapico-ruin Endin
Mapico-stormhouse Farming Village
Mapico-ruin Free Settlement
Mapico-town Heft (Capital City)
Mapico-town Heng
Mapico-town Sho-Battai
Mapico-town Stoat
Mapico-watchtower Tengu's Vault
Town Overrides
Depending on World States, these locations can be controlled by this faction.
Mapico-town Bad Teeth
Mapico-town Bark
Mapico-town Blister Hill
Mapico-town Brink
Mapico-town Clownsteady
Mapico-town Drifter's Last
Mapico-ruin Drin
Mapico-town Heft
Mapico-town Heng
Mapico-watchtower Okran's Shield
Mapico-town Sho-Battai
Mapico-town Stoat

Trivia Edit

  • Settling within or near United Cities territory will result in a tax collector coming by weekly. They will demand 3,000 cats from you. If you lack funds, the tax collector will insult you for being poor, then remind you that being poor is a crime. You have three days before they return - if you don't cough up enough cash they will attack.
    • You can avoid paying taxes entirely if you are allied with them. To get to 50 relations, you would have to pay 100,000 cats, or hand in 25 bounties. This may be a more expensive option, but it will safeguard you from ever being caught at a bad time. Another thing is that if you are allied with the Empire, they will send reinforcements to your outpost whenever you are attacked.
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