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Unique Recruits are unique Playable Characters that can only ever appear once per game unless imported. They have dialogue unique to them, and often have higher stats than average recruits. While most unique recruits are just found in bars and often require a fee to hire, this is not necessarily true for all of them. Note that if a recruit has unique dialogue and joins the player's faction, the dialogue will remain even after the character's name or body shape has been changed via the Plastic Surgeon.

Not all of them have a guaranteed name and may be given a random name. In those cases, it will be difficult to pick them out of a crowd without talking to them, though you might be able to, depending on their Equipment.

Note: The locations listed are just their possible spawn points. It is still sometimes random if they actually spawn there. It's entirely possible for some of them not to spawn at all.

Please note that stats mentioned in the "Noteworthy Because" section are affected by racial stat bonuses/malaises. As such, a character like Bo who has 15 in their combat skills will actually have 16.5 Dexterity when you find them in game. When +/- is shown that means that the character's stats are randomized by that much (plus or minus), or it may be listed as "stat randomise".

Named Recruits[]

Name Race Cost Possible Locations Noteworthy Because
Agnu Soldierbot Free Tower of Abuse 50 Strength

Beep's best friend

Only Soldierbot who is recruitable

Bard Greenlander 3,000 Bad Teeth, Blister Hill, Stack, Waystations, World's End Dialogue
Beep Hive Worker Drone Free Mongrel He is Beep

He is the greatest. Can become Cyber-Beep. The pinnacle of strength

Bo Scorchlander Free Black Scratch 15 Combat skills

20 Katanas

84 Athletics/Stealth (+20% from racial bonus)

70 Swimming/Assassination

50 Medic/Robotics/Lockpicking/Thievery

Has Specialist clothing (5% chance of Masterwork)

Burn Skeleton Free Burn's Tower 15 in Combat skills (+/-2)

Dialogue (not unique)

Cat Scorchlander Free Dust King Tower 10 Athletics

40 Medic 20 Science

Chad Scorchlander 9,000 Flats Lagoon 15 in Combat skills (20 in Unarmed/Dodge)

20 Strength

15 Toughness

Cornelius Goat 14,000 (bargained down to 7,000, but actually still costs 14,000 either way) Settled Nomad Village 15 in Combat skills

Is a Goat

Crumblejon Greenlander Free Mongrel 24 Strength

10 in Combat skills

Unique Dialogue

Digna Greenlander 3,000 Flotsam Village None
Doctor Chung Greenlander Free Mud Town, Shark 40 Medic

15 Science

Ells Shek 300 Sho-Battai 5 Field Medic

12 Stealth 20 Thievery

Espher Southern Hive Worker Drone Free Tengu's Vault 3 stat randomise.

Guaranteed Southern Hive Worker Drone 5 in many of his stats

Green Hive Worker Drone 2,300 Mud Town, Shark 10 Athletics

65 Crossbow and 78 Turrets

Green Finger Scorchlander 2,000 Fishing Village 18 Strength

25 Engineer

40 Labouring + Farming

Griffin Greenlander 9,000 Bad Teeth, Blister Hill, Stack 20 in many of his stats

Unique Dialogue

Hamut Greenlander Free Mud Town, Shark, VERY small chance in any UC town. 13 in Combat skills (+/-6)

Unique Dialogue

Headshot Shek 7,500 Eyesocket, Slave Markets 55 Turret

50 Crossbow

Hobbs Greenlander Free Fishing Village, The Hub, Waystation(s), World's End, Mourn Dialogue
Horse Shek 4,500 Fishing Village, Squin Dialogue
Infinite Wingwang Greenlander 100,000 (bargained down to 5,000) Mongrel 20 Strength, Dexterity, & Sabre

25 Attack

10 Defense

Izumi Greenlander 2,500 Any UC town. 40 Medic

24 Science

1 stat randomise.

Jewel Scorchlander 6,000 Any UC town. 50 Cooking
Kang Shek 6,000 Admag, Squin, Last Stand 20 in Combat skills
Knife Greenlander 6,000 Flotsam Village 10 in Combat skills
Lumi Scorchlander 6,000 Crab Town Likes Crabs
Luquin Scorchlander Free Tengu's Vault 50 Stealth & Assassination

10-20 Combat skills & others

Miu Greenlander Free Mud Town, Shark 30 Laboring

60 Farming

Warns when the blood spiders are near

Oron Shek 3,500 Admag, Squin, Last Stand 8 in combat skills/athletics
Pia Greenlander 3,000 Flotsam Village 20 Strength

10 Dexterity & Perception 50 Athletics

Warns of Paladins, similar to Miu

Rane the Giant Shek 7,500 Admag, Squin, Last Stand 20 in Combat skills
Ray Hive Soldier Drone 1,000 Eyesocket, Slave Markets 10 in Combat skills

He's mute

Red Greenlander 150 Bark 20 Stealth & Athlete

10 Assassination

Reva Greenlander 6,000 Flotsam Village Dialogue
Riddly Greenlander Free Any UC town. 8 in combat skills/athletics
Ruka Shek Free Admag, Squin, Last Stand 10 in Combat skills
Sadneil Skeleton Free Black Desert City Dialogue
Seto Shek Bugmaster/Phoenix or 80 rep with Shek Kingdoms Admag 20 in Combat skills
Shryke Scorchlander Free Mongrel Dialogue
Silvershade Hive Prince 3,000 Mud Town, Waystations, World's End 10 in Combat skills
Sinklyde Shek Free Tengu's Vault 10 in Combat skills
Soman Greenlander 3,500 Fishing Village 50 Engineering
Stubs Momuso Scorchlander 5,000 Mud Town, Shark 10-15 in Combat skills

Scorchlander w/ Greenlander skin

Yamdu Hive Prince Tinfist Trader's Edge 40 Dexterity, Athlete, & Medic

70 Engineering, Labor, Farm, & Cooking

  • Crow Face is a character found in FCS which was thought to be a potential recruit.

Randomized Names[]

These recruits are similar to Generic Recruits because they have names from the default random names list. The unique part of these characters can be increased stats, lower prices, or special dialogue.