Travel Gear is a Tech Hunters vendor found in the Shek Kingdom and some United Cities locations. It is quite similar to the Travel and Repairs Shop found in other Tech Hunters locations.

Possible Locations Edit

Depending on World States, there may be a Independent Bar found in these locations:

Residents Edit

This location has an item Artifacts value of 100,000 Cats, so it should spawn some additional items through the artifacts system.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Advanced First Aid Kit
Advanced First Aid Kit c.265 Common
Advanced Splint Kit
Advanced Splint Kit c.311 Common
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit c.1,865 Common
Basic First Aid Kit
Basic First Aid Kit c.76 Common
Bolts Regulars
Bolts Regulars c.243 Uncommon
Bolts Heavies
Bolts Heavies c.272 Uncommon
Bolts Toothpicks
Bolts Toothpicks c.243 Uncommon
Book c.300 Common
Ration Pack
Ration Pack c.1,143 Common
Skeleton Repair Kit
Skeleton Repair Kit c.4,341 Common
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag c.605 Common
Splint Kit
Splint Kit c.212 Common
Standard First Aid Kit
Standard First Aid Kit c.147 Common

Backpack Average Price Chance
Bull Backpack
Bull Backpack c.2,000 Common
Garru Backpack
Garru Backpack c.2,000 Common
Large Backpack
Large Backpack c.3,000 Common
Medium Backpack
Medium Backpack c.1,500 Common
Small Backpack
Small Backpack c.1,000 Common
Small Thieves Backpack
Small Thieves Backpack c.3,000 Uncommon
Thieves Backpack
Thieves Backpack c.5,000 Uncommon
Wooden Backpack
Wooden Backpack c.800 Common


  • Camp Shelter
  • Mercenary Tent
  • Scrap Tent


  • like all of em


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  • Lam's Survival Series
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