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The Traders Guild is an allegedly neutral faction that deal primarily with commerce between towns. They're based in the United Cities, and are integral to their economy. That said, they use their status to gain access to many other factions throughout the world, even the enemies of the United Cities such as the Holy Nation

Traders Guild will always start out neutral to the player's faction, except for the Wandering Trader start in which you start with 75 reputation with the Traders Guild. If you have a shop set to public near or on a trade route members of the guild will sometimes stop by to purchase particular items from you.

Traders Guild Samurai.

Many Shop Guards, Caravan Guards, and even privately-hired Samurai warriors are employed by the Traders Guild to protect their assets, with the latter notably being deployed around the Traders Guild headquarters in Trader's Edge, a de-facto district of Heng.


Faction Relations[]

The factions this faction has special relations towards, though they may not share the same opinion. For all others, it will use this faction's default (0)

Player Relations[]

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  • If you are allied with the Anti-Slavers, you will lose 30 relation with this faction.
  • If you kill or Imprison Lady Kana or Longen, you will seriously damage this faction's view towards you.


All bad deeds can be forgiven with cats, at least with the Traders Guild. In Blister Hill you can find the Trader Guilds Pacifier, you can pay him to make the others in the guild to turn a blind eye to your past deeds.

You can also make an alliance with the Traders Guild, obviously it will cost you a fair bit of cats, c.100,000 to be exact. Yamdu, located at the Trader Guild's HQ in Trader's Edge will offer you this deal if you talk to him. If you have an Outpost, you can choose the option to reduce the price to c. 75,000.

This will affect your faction relationships with:

  • +75 Traders Guild


Free trade, protection, slave exemption, and 'class', of course. It is the desert man's dream to one day become a member of the fine Traders Guild!

–Yamdu, about the benefits of an alliance with Traders Guild.

Non-Player Characters[]

High Status NPCs[]

These characters are upper class or very skilled.

Northern United Cities[]

Southern United Cities[]

Guard NPCs[]

These characters defend the high status NPCs and their interests.

Hired Goons[]

Trade Caravans[]

These are the potential NPCs who are members of this faction's trade caravans.

  • Leader - Randomly named Caravan Visit leader.


Traders Guild Caravans can spawn in Grey Desert, Heng, Stenn Desert, Stormgap Coast, The Great Desert, and The Hook.

These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-watchtower.png Trader's Edge

Traders Guild controls these specific town residents: Bank, Empire General Shop, Empire Weapon Shop, Noble House, Small Empire Weapon Shop, and Traders Guild HQ.

Town Overrides
Depending on World States, these locations can be controlled by this faction.
Mapico-watchtower.png Trader's Edge x3


  • Traders Guild and Western Hive are competitive enemies in economy.
  • Yamdu originally belongs to this faction.