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Traders Backpack Large.png
Traders Backpack Large
-Weight 8 kg
-Price c.4,500
-Sell Value c.2,250
-Encumbrance reduction 50%
-Combat skills bonus -10
-Athletics effect 1x
-Combat speed effect 0.8x
-Stealth skill effect 0.20x
-Dodge skill effect 0.20x
A specialist backpack for traders. Allows better stacking of large items within a smaller space, particularly Trade Goods. Not designed to wear during a sword fight though.

The Large Trader's Backpack is a heavy weight backpack that is able to stack Trade Goods by at least two items per spot. It multiplies the maximum stack for any stackable item by 6. 

Can only be found equipped (not sold) by traders at the Holy Armour Shop, Clothing Shop - Holy Nation, Holy Headgear Shop, Holy Boot Shop, and Boot Shops

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