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Trader's Wooden Backpack.png
Trader's Wooden Backpack
-Weight 4 kg
-Price c.800
-Sell Value c.400
-Encumbrance reduction 50%
-Combat skills bonus -5
-Athletics effect 1.00x
-Combat speed effect 0.90x
-Stealth skill effect 0.40x
-Dodge skill effect 0.40x
A wooden backpack with a built in sun shade. It's the height of luxury for the travelling trader.

Trader's Backpack is a backpack that allows for carrying of large quantities of trade goods and building materials due to its allowance of stacking items. Can be purchased from any General Item Trader.

However the built-in sun shader provides no benefits and is purely cosmetic. Due to this, the Trader's Wooden Backpack's slightly larger penalties,make it technically an inferior version to the Wooden Backpack.