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Trader's Edge is a settlement in Heng, territory of the United Cities. Although it's run by Traders Guild, the United Cities protects its entrance. It is located on a plateau next to the city Heng and connected by a metal bridge.

This is also the home of the Traders Guild HQ. Inside the HQ is their leader Longen, as well as a potential recruit Yamdu.

The economy of this town relies on supplies from Stone Camp, South Stone Camp and Eyesocket, the same as Heng.

The player can often time encounter Harmothoe's trade caravan in Trader's Edge or it's neighboring city, Heng.

It is the location of the "Wandering Trader" game start.

Trader's Edge is subject to change under world states, meaning that player owned buildings in town are vulnerable to be overwritten.

Traders Edge.png


Buildings for Sale[]

Town Overrides[]

Trader's Edge Malnourished[]

If Slave Master Haga, Slave Master Ruben and Slave Master Grande are all killed/imprisoned Trader's Edge will become malnourished while still under Traders Guild rule. This override can also occur even if Trader's Edge is already destroyed or vice-versa.

Trader's Edge Ruins[]

Killing or imprisoning Longen while Emperor Tengu is alive and free will result in the settlement to fall to ruins under the control of Traders Guild.

Trader's Edge, Anti-Slavers[]

If Longen and Emperor Tengu are both killed/imprisoned while Tinfist is alive and free, Trader's Edge will fall under the control of Anti-Slavers.

Trader's Edge, Empire Peasants[]

If Longen, Emperor Tengu and Tinfist are all killed/imprisoned, Trader's Edge will fall under the control of Empire Peasants