Trade Goods are items generally meant for trading, crafting or other uses depending on the item. They buy and sell for their full value unlike most other items, which tend to sell for a much lower value, and are often either ingredients or craftable themselves. The value at any given town is randomized from town to town to allow for players to make profit via trading between them, though the value is still restricted to +/- 30% from the base value. Some towns also have an additional modifier to specific goods to make them worth more or less there.

Nearly all items that are not Weapons or Equipment are Trade Goods.

Icon Name Classification Price (c.) Value
Animal Claw Animal Claw Animal Products 90 Variable
Animal Horn Animal Horn Animal Products 150 Variable
Animal Teeth Animal Teeth Animal Products 30 Variable
Beak Thing Egg Beak Thing Egg Animal Products 4,200 always 100%
Crab Egg Crab Egg Animal Products 240 always 100%
Leviathan Pearl Leviathan Pearl Animal Products 12,000 always 100%
Megacrab Ganglion Megacrab Ganglion Animal Products 3,000 always 100%
Fog Prince Head Fog Prince Head Misc 6,000 always 100%
Lantern Lantern Misc 76 Variable
Luxury Goods Luxury Goods Misc 240 Variable
Old Map Old Map Misc 180 always 100%
Parchment Parchment Misc 180 always 100%
Water Jug Water Jug Misc 30 Variable
Hacksaw Hacksaw Misc 72 Variable
Capacitor Capacitor Technology 90 Variable
CPU Unit CPU Unit Technology 6,000 Variable
Gears Gears Technology 162 Variable
Generator Core Generator Core Technology 2,755 Variable
Medical Supplies Medical Supplies Technology 120 Variable
Motor Motor Technology 421 Variable
Power Core Power Core Technology 3,000 Variable
Press Press Technology 324 Variable
Skeleton Eye Skeleton Eye Technology 3,600 Variable
Skeleton Muscle Skeleton Muscle Technology 1,944 Variable
Bloodrum Bloodrum Vices 1,328 Variable
Cactus Rum Cactus Rum Vices 520 Variable
Grog Grog Vices 1,155 Variable
Hashish Hashish Vices 144 Variable
Sake Sake Vices 428 Variable
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