Town Overrides are new locations which spawn to replace other locations. Town Overrides are a result of a World State change.

Many places are able to become DEAD when all or enough inhabitants have been killed. This is different than when a location falls into ruins due to a Town Override.

The Empire Edit

These locations are controlled by the Empire, specifically the United Cities, Slave Traders, and Traders Guild. They are primarily tied to Nobles.

Emperor Tengu's Influence Edit

These United Cities locations affected by whether Emperor Tengu is alive, dead, or imprisoned. They are also affected by the states of Nobles.

Northeastern Slavers Edit

These locations in the northeast are controlled by the Slave Traders and each contain a specific Noble. They are not affected by the state of any character other than their resident Noble.

The Southwest Edit

Locations in the Southwest are all interconnected, except for Catun. The Major locations in The Hook are affected by the state of multiple Nobles. None of these locations are affected by Emperor Tengu's state.

Holy Nation Territory Edit


Stack taken over by Shek

These locations belong to The Holy Nation initially. Depending on what World States have been reached, they may become ruins or be overtaken by a faction which opposes The Holy Nation.

Shek Kingdom Edit

These locations belong to the Shek Kingdom initially. After Esata the Stone Golem is killed, control of the Shek Kingdom is taken by Mukai The Mountain.

The Southeast Edit

These locations in the southeast are primarily affected by the state of their faction's leader. In this area there are four opposing factions: Crab Raiders, Reavers, Skeleton Bandits, and Skin Bandits. After the leader of one faction is taken out, their bases can become overtaken by a different faction. Usually this different faction is the Southern Hive.

The Swamps Edit

These locations are primarily tied to the states of the gang leaders in The Swamp.

Other Locations Edit

These locations are controlled by minor factions and are affected by specific World States.

Fogman Invasions Edit

A Deadhive Overrun will spawn to replace these locations if the initial owning faction's queen is killed or kidnapped.

If the Phoenix is killed, a Holy Military Base may also become a Deadhive Overrun.

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