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The Tower of Abuse is the base of the Thrall Masters. It is located in Venge. There are two Skeleton Repair Beds on the top floor which can be used for free.

The leaders of the Thrall Masters Screamer the False and Ponk can be found inside the Tower.

The tower is also an Ancient Tech Lab and can have Loot as with the Artifacts System.

The unique recruit Agnu can be rescued from the second level.


This location has these items listed as "special items", meaning that they are guaranteed to spawn: Ancient Science Book and AI Core.

This location can potentially also contain items from this list (in relative order of likelihood):


  • Go to Mourn or Flats Lagoon and hire about 2 squads of mercenaries or tech hunters, then go to Tower of Abuse and let them do the work, easy way to get about 100k cats. While this can work, it should be noted that more squads would greatly increase the chance of this being successful. It should also be noted that this process can be repeated so long as either Screamer the False or Ponk are alive and free. With this condition, after walking a good distance and waiting for some time, this will cause the tower's items and non unique inhabitants to respawn.
  • The Tower of Abuse is also a good place to train Assassination. Defeat the inhabitants and lock them into the cages on the second floor. As robots reboot very fast, you can repeatedly KO them and gain skill for it.
  • This is a great place for combat training. Fill the cages with thralls and bosses. Pull them out one at a time and beat them up. While they reboot, get some free repairs on the repair bed. Or if you brought plenty of repair kits, train up your robotics skill. If you brought plenty of food and sleeping bags, you'll have nonstop training.