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It's where the notorious Bugmaster dwells... Some say he's an insect god, other's say he's the sole living survivor from the ancient race...

Some say he holds the most prized treasure in all the lands, protected by his personal insect horde...

Only one thing's for certain though... He ain't welcoming to guests.

Human and Hive Prince Player Characters

The Throne of the Bugmaster is the base of the notorious Bugmaster. His base is located in the middle of the crater of Arach.

The Bugmaster is surrounded by a giant army of Skin Spiders and Blood Spiders. It is highly recommended that players avoid encountering Bugmaster until they have a group of high level stats and mid to endgame gear.


This location can contain a unique map item named "Bugmaster's Map." When used, this map will reveal the location of Cat-Lon's Exile.

Possible Stock

Average Price Chance
Human Teeth.png
Human Teeth c.0 Common


These characters can spawn inside this location and engage in "Home-Territory Aggression" behavior when they spot the player.

Blood Spiders

The Bugmaster can have 6 to 10 pet Blood Spiders.

Skin Spiders

The Bugmaster has 15 pet Skin Spiders.