• This wiki has some guides on modding in Category:Modding already. There has also been some consideration among the community about branching off the modding community content to a more specialized wiki in order to reduce clutter. If this movement occurs, a likely location for this modding wiki is Kenshi Modding Wiki. (if we can get past some wiki update issues)

    Where should information about modding Kenshi be found?

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    • Hello, I've done a bit of work on the modding pages for both Wikis. I'm going to make the arguement that modding should be kept in a seperate Wiki. The reason is that modding can cover a broad range of topics, from using the in-game editor, to properly managing the dialogue system, to detailed documentation on how each option in the AI works. A modder who is searching for this type of information will be trying to navigate through a very large and somewhat poorly documented editor. Keeping the Wikis seperate allows for the Forgotten Construction Set to have it's own engine documentation system seperate from all the less relevant lists of characters and lore of the main Wiki. Modders aren't going to want to sift through links to lore pages while searching for tutorials, and users browsing through Kenshi's world in the main Wiki won't want to open up pages containing irrelevant engine details. Should the need aries, both sites can simply link to each other. At the end of the day both sites will service two very different user bases seeking very different kinds of information. Seperating them makes things much easier not only for the users, but also for editors wanting to organize pages to make what they write easy to find.

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