• A while back I started a (now abandoned) playthrough with the intent of ending the three slave-driving factions of Kenshi; those being The Reavers, The Holy Nation and of course The United Cities.  The Holy Nation and Reavers aren't that difficult strategically; just get a strong central fortress up-and-running, a band of stronk warriors with good stats and equipment, and a defensible forward-operating-base for each theatre and you're good to go.

    The U.C. are a bit different, though; as they are broken into several sub-factions:  United Cities proper, the Slave Traders, the Traders Guild, Slave Hunters, Manhunters and Bounty Hunters.  In addition to this, they're broken up between southern and eastern territories, and hostility from one sub-faction doesn't necessarily cause another to be hostile to the player's.  I can be arch nemeses with all of these except for United Cities proper and still send non-wanted personnel into their cities without fear of harassment provided I don't send them into the buildings of an enemy faction.

    What I'm saying is that there're a lot of ways it can play out other than "raid all their bases and kill the final boss" and considering they are the biggest of the big factions, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on maybe having the U.C. and its sub-factions fight against each-other, or whittling them down rather than just abducting their bosses.  What I'm saying is that while -yes- it is fun allying with Mr. Fists of Justice! and punching slavers' arms off, I'd like to explore strategies for next time rather than making the game turn into Fist of the North Star; maybe make it more about political conniving, sabotage and subversion than sending a horde of angry peasants and former slaves into the middle of town to run amok.

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    • You can release Yabuta and make travelling through the UC for citizens far more unsafe. Applies to you as well though. Some world states allow Yabuta to take over a UC city or two.

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