• Our wiki has historically been relatively strict against advertising/uploading youtube videos. Our wiki has never had other restrictions on Kenshi-related advertising, specifically mods or fan art creators. 

    Of course, our current stance is to keep this content outside of articles. But in comments on pages, it's a bit more of a case-by-case basis. 

    Our oldworld category used to literally link to a gameplay video which someone had made, which somewhat goes against our current ... lack of videos? I don't think people should just spam ads for their videos in comments sections, but depending on what our users are looking for, those comments could be helpful? 

    I think that we should allow video advertising in the comments sections of pages in Category:Guides and potentially in response to questions asked in comments sections of other pages.

    Fan art should be restricted to comments sections, forums, and (of course) user pages. After someone uploads some fan art, it might be chosen to be featured on the main page. :) But I don't intend on going searching for fan art to add to the wiki. I feel the same way about memes.

    Mods can be posted about in forums and comments. Like fan art, any uploaded pictures could be chosen to be added to the Modifications page (possibly the main page too if we consider putting a "Featured Mod" section, idk). Also not something which I plan on searching for.

    Please feel free to respond to this post with your thoughts regarding this topic.

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    • I don't think more fanart being added to articles (especially the longer ones) would hurt anyone.

      Videos, however, should be heavily restricted. Most YouTubers that would put their links on sites outside YouTube are entitled vultures. The ones without audience especially can be just audacious.

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    • I'm slightly concerned about the official concept art being lost between fan art. -But clear captions should fix that issue.

      Still, I don't think fan art should be in the body of articles unless it's officially associated to the game. Perhaps we could allow fan art in articles if it was retweeted by Lo-Fi?

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    • A FANDOM user
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