• When you start your journey of world domination, what name do you pick?

    Do you try to pick names which make sense next to names like Tinfist, Cat-Lon, and Sadneil?

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    • Hm. Well. When I starting 5 skeletons, I am giving them names "Helium-He2", "Neon-Ne10", "Argon-Ar18", "Krypton-Kr36", "Xenon-Xe54" - of the noble gases. For Sadneil - "Uranium-U92", for Burn - "Plutonium-Pu94". For potential other skeletons -
      "Titanium-Ti22" and alike. I am bad with fantasy. But perhaps, somthing "usefull", with such a way, can be imprinted in the mind.

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