• I was thinking of changing the naming system so that the page "Weapons (Modding)" to "Weapons (FCS)". The page itself is about the characteristics of weapons in FCS and not about the modding of weapons. The tutorial for that can be found in "Custom Weapons (tutorial)" which I think we should rename to "Custom Weapons (Modding)".

    I also think it might be valuable to have special headers made for these pages to add some flair to the modding tutorial sections. the Customization wiki has a simple style for headers which we could easily copy.

    another thing i think is worth discussing is what point of view to write tutorials from. most of the wiki is written as "The player can do this if they want" but in the current modding tutorials it is phrased more of "You will select these things in order to complete the steps" - kind of a distinction between second person POV and third person

    (didn't link to the modding pages because i want to rename them and saving myself time removing red links later)

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    • Sounds good, I think this will establish a good sense of consistency.

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