• trying out a new style currently

    Classic but fresh rounded header

    Looks like the previous style but in our Kenshi beige instead of the rusty red that matched the edit buttons

    I'm considering changing the headers to this style

    [nametag time]

    This style is to match the nametags from in-game. This would also kinda match our current workmark: Wiki-wordmark

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    • i've decided on an even newer, better style! it's already been on the main page for a few days.¬†

      i left the first box how it was because when i tried to make it match it looked awkward. the forum section didn't scale how i wanted so i moved it to the main column and added some more stuff to the sidebar. the sidebar now includes featured fanart, a featured article, and a featured comment.

      new template
      this style is to match our newer templates which in turn match the UI in the game. the templates it matches are the Vendor templates (check out Headgear Shop for an example of those) and Template:Crafting as well as a couple others.
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