• Like the title says, anyone wish to help compile a list of recommended mods that generally improve the gameplay experience? Please include your reasons for liking it.

    I'll start with

    256 squad mod 

    Shidan's tweaks and fixes which is basically varied balance tweaks and fixes for the game.

    EDIT: v I forgot, lel

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    • Martial Arts No Matrix Dodge and Martial Arts Fast Dodger are great mods for Martial Arts to avoid the dodge-lock state.

      I don't know this "Shidan's tweats and fixes". You asked for reasons but you didn't gave yours.

      Sensible Spider Range sounds a reasonable mod that tweaks blood spiders attack reach which is extremely high.

      Foodcubes³ This one may seems dumb, but it actually makes Foodcubes inventory ocupy only 2x2 instead 2x3 which seems fair.

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    • the only ones i play with are Let's Talk and More Names!

      Let's Talk doesn't add dialogue, it just increases the frequency of the game's vanilla dialogue. Makes sure that i always hear that sweet sweet gossip about eyegore when i go into town.

      More Names! just puts more names into the Random Names List. The modder advertised it as like "makes you encounter less people named Hotlongs" and i was hooked.

      I've been meaning to check out TreadLightly's Lonely Recruits mod because they wrote dialogue for each of the recruits in there and that just sounds rad. (btw, i edited y'alls posts so that they link to the workshop)

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    • I like Ration Packs , which lets you research and craft, well, ration packs. 

      Copper ore drills, because it makes no sense to have automated iron mines and not copper mines.

      Skeleton limb storage So you have a dedicated place to store them.

      Dark turtleneck Because why can you make the dark leather shirt but not a turtleneck ?

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    • Everything you need in the game can be found here .

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    • There is a lot of availible mods and no mod is perfect for everyone, I use nexusmods kenshi site to find what I am looking for and have uploaded/created a few mods my self. 

      Some random stuff like starting with an alliance with some faction like Shek or HN.

      A mod that starts you in a robotic shop with  no arms or legs and a bit of money.

      A mod that makes Hub have a couple more shops and more guards and more recruits, etc.

      As far as required game play tweaks there isn't much,

      a mod that removes squad size limits 

      3x1 attack instead of 1vs1

      everything else is just flavor.  

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