Thieves Guild are watchtowers of the Shinobi Thieves. They are found in many locations. Allying the Shinobi Thieves gives the player access to the training equipment and beds found inside.

These also contain fences who buys and sells goods for half-price, regardless of what they are or how they were obtained.

Locations Edit

Residents Edit

Possible Stock

Armour Grades Chance
Armoured Hood
Armoured Hood Common
Armoured Rags (black)
Armoured Rags (black) Common
Black Cloth Shirt
Black Cloth Shirt Common
Black Plate Jacket
Black Plate Jacket Uncommon
Black Rag Shirt
Black Rag Shirt Common
Blackened Chain Hive Shirt
Blackened Chain Hive Shirt Rare
Blackened Chain Shirt
Blackened Chain Shirt Common
Blackened Chainmail
Blackened Chainmail Common
Dark Leather Shirt
Dark Leather Shirt Uncommon
Drifter's Boots
Drifter's Boots Common
Drifters Leather Pants
Drifters Leather Pants Common
Fog Mask
Fog Mask Common
Mercenary Leather Armour
Mercenary Leather Armour Common
Ninja Mask
Ninja Mask Common
Ninja Rags
Ninja Rags Uncommon
Rusty Chain Shirt
Rusty Chain Shirt Uncommon
Rusty Chainmail
Rusty Chainmail Uncommon
Swamp Ninja Mask
Swamp Ninja Mask Uncommon

Weapons Manufacturers Chance
Guardless Katana
Guardless Katana Common
Katana Uncommon
Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade Common
Nodachi Rare
Wakizashi Common

Item Average Price Chance
Small Thieves Backpack
Small Thieves Backpack c.3,000 Common
Thieves Backpack
Thieves Backpack c.5,000 Common

Blueprints Edit

  • Blackened Chain Shirt
  • Blackened Chainmail
  • Dark Leather Shirt
  • Assassin's Rags
  • Black Plate Jacket
  • Ninja Rags
  • Ninja Mask
  • Blackened Chain Hive Shirt
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