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The Queen is leader of the Western Hive and has Diplomatic Status. She rules her domain from the "Hill Hut" in the Western Hive, located on an island west of Vain.

Upon entering the Hill Hut, multiple Royal Soldier Drones will gasp and walk over to you and demand you leave. They do not become hostile if you refuse. The Hive Queen can be seen sitting atop a strange throne and only communicates through screeches.

They wear no armour.


Attributes Level
Strength 80
Toughness 40
Dexterity 35
Perception 1

Combat Skills Level
Melee Attack, Melee Defence 40
Dodge, Martial Arts 35

Weapon Skills Level
Blunt, Hackers, Heavy, Katanas, Polearms, Sabres 40

Ranged Skills Level
Turrets 40
Crossbows 1
Precision Shooting 40

Thievery Skills Level
Stealth, Lockpicking, Thievery 1
Assassination 20

Athletic Skills Level
Athletics, Swimming 40

Science Skills Level
Field Medic 40
Engineer, Robotics, Science 1

Trade Skills Level
Weapon Smith, Armour Smith, Labouring, Farming, Cooking 1

Stats randomize by 5
The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Skills will be multiplied by the racial multiplier. Players should also be aware that non-player characters also level up while fighting.

World States[]

The world states affected by the Queen are linked to her being either dead or kidnapped.

If The Queen has been killed or kidnapped, then Lost Hivers can be found in cities talking about how they miss The Queen. Also, the Hive Villages and Distant Hive Villages will be overtaken by Fogmen and become Deadhive Overruns.

If The Queen has been killed or kidnapped, Fogman Deathyard will start spawning in Dreg, Okran's Gulf and Vain.

If The Queen has been killed or kidnapped, then Hive Bandits (lead by Hive Bandit Leaders), Lost Hivers and Lost Princes will start to spawn in Border Zone, Dreg, Flats Lagoon, Okran's Pride, Okran's Valley, Sinkuun, Skinner's Roam, Stenn Desert, The Eye, The Great Desert, and The Swamp. Lost Hivers will start spawning in Purple Sands as well.

If the Queen of the Western Hive is dead and Queen of the South is alive and not kidnapped, then Southern Hive patrols will spawn in the BonefieldsBorder Zone, Flats LagoonOkran's GulfOkran's PrideThe HookThe Swamp and in Vain.