Adventurer, eh? Guess you'll be on your way down to the Ashlands then. Ain't ever seen anyone go to the Ashlands and come back out. It's a one way journey an' whatever's down there ain't worth dying for...

I certainly wouldn't go without a crab.

–Barman, Crab Town

The Pits East is the home of the Crab Raiders. In Crab Town, the home of the Queen of the Crab Raiders, players can become "crabbed" and Unique Recruit Lumi can be found.

Crabs, as well as Crab Raider patrols, are common in this Zone. Players may be amused to watch the horror which Crab Raiders experience when wild Crabs are hostile towards them.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

There are no Major Towns in The Pits East. This zone does not spawn Nests or Camps.

Minor Outposts[edit | edit source]

These locations are typically small towns, villages, or faction bases.

Ancient Locations[edit | edit source]

These are places which do not have competent inhabitants. Ancient Locations are usually lost outposts or ruins. Beware: sometimes these locations contain territorial protectors such as Security Spiders.

Homeless Spawns[edit | edit source]

These are squads which spawn without being tied to a location, camp, or nest. This list is in order of likelihood.

Environment[edit | edit source]

The Pits East
These are the modifiers which are linked to this zone on FCS.
Water 90% Fertility 0%

Environment Resources
Arid 0% Stone 200
Green 0% Iron 200
Swamp 0% Copper 150

Before building an outpost, players should find information about specific areas through Prospecting.

Weather[edit | edit source]

This zone has the 'the pits' season. Seasons may cause harmful Weather Effects or be purely aesthetic.

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Tips[edit | edit source]

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