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Location on the ingame map.

The Hub is a town of Holy Nation Outlaws located near the center of The Border Zone. The bar in The Hub is owned by the Trade Ninjas, who also own a nearby location known as the Rebel Base. Shinobi Thieves occupy a watchtower at a far end of the settlement.

Many characters can potentially be found at the bar here. Most notably, Hobbs might ask the player to come have a drink with him. Other possible bar squads include Bar Thug Drunk. It is the location of The Wanderer and Son of a Captain game starts. If you are not starting out in the Hub it is possible to place it on your map by reading the Map of the Border Zone.

Several copper and iron nodes within walking distance from the gates make it possible to run a fairly large-scale mining operation just outside of the Hub.

The Hounds pacifier can be found here.


The Hub is in the Border Zone, a contested region between the Shek Kingdom and the Holy Nation. The history of the Hub is written in a series of notes that can be found in the Small Shack that is not in ruins. That building contains 5 letters in total:

The notes reveal that the Hub was once part of the Holy Nation. The Holy Nation military made several attempts to retake the city but would inevitably lose it within months. The Shek Kingdom occupied the Hub for some time, but eventually sacked the city and set it ablaze before retreating. After that, a Holy Nation squad was sent to the ruins to investigate. They spotted some "shadowy figures" in the city, but didn't find any enemies to fight. After losing a bonedog and one of the Sentinel to some unseen force picking them off, the Holy Nation soldiers retreated, claiming the ruins are haunted by "wraiths". It is implied that the same "wraiths" (presumably the Trade Ninjas and/or the Shinobi Thieves) have driven the Shek soldiers out by using the same tactics.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]


  • Hub is a great location for an outpost located just outside the walls (for example in a valley to the West). With careful management, production lines can be established from resource-gathering operations outside the Hub and to the resource-processing production chains inside the player-owned buildings in the Hub.
  • The small shack that is not ruined contains two beds that can help speed up the healing rate of your characters.
  • There are many buildings for sale in The Hub, but they are collapsed and in need of repair. This leads to cheaper prices for the real estate, but requires extra effort to collect Building Materials to repair them. Once the houses are functional, buildings such as a Research Bench can be built inside, allowing for the player to reach a much higher tech level before heading out and building their own outpost.
  • You can build inside or on top of repaired buildings but not outside these buildings. It'd be wise to repair the building closest to the Shinobi Thieves' Den, where they will run out to protect you.
  • Dust Bandit Camps can spawn near The Hub - you can bait them to follow you to the Shinobi Thieves' den and, if you are allied with them, they will be killed swiftly and can be looted for good early-game armour.
  • Bug/Feature?: If you path to the Shinobi Den, you will Ninja-step across the ledge of the ruined building just outside their base. If you path to the space between the buildings instead, you can step through in 2 clicks, and any following bandits will run through the ledge instead. This buys you time to enter the Den, from which Ninja's will flood to slay your enemies.