The hub location

Location on the ingame map.

The Hub is a town of Holy Nation Outlaws. The bar in The Hub is owned by the Trade Ninjas, who can also be found nearby in Rebel Base.

The history of The Hub can be found in the only residential building which is not in ruins. That building contains these letters.

Buildings and Shops Edit

Buildings for Sale Edit

  • Bughouse (Collapsed) (For Sale: 10,500)
  • L-House x2 (Collapsed) (For Sale: c10,500)
  • Longhouse x3 (Collapsed) (For Sale: c7,200)
  • Old Stormhouse x3 (Collapsed) (For Sale: c6,000)
  • Small Shack x6 (Collapsed) (For Sale: c1,500)
  • Snailhouse (Collapsed) (For Sale: c12,000)
  • Stationhouse (Collapsed) (For Sale: c12,000)
  • Stormhouse x2 (Collapsed) (For Sale: c4,800)


  • You can purchase every other building in town, repair them, and use them as a base of operations for your faction.
  • You can build inside or on top of repaired buildings but not outside these buildings. It'd be wise to repair the building closest to the Shinobi Thieves' Den, where they will run out to protect you.
  • Dust Bandit Camps can spawn near The Hub - you can bait them to follow you to the Shinobi Thieves' den and, if you are allied with them, they will be killed swiftly and can be looted for good early-game armour.
  • Bug/Feature?: If you path to the Shinobi Den, you will Ninja-step across the ledge of the ruined building just outside their base. If you path to the space between the buildings instead, you can step through in 2 clicks, and any following bandits will run through the ledge instead. This buys you time to enter the Den, from which Ninja's will flood to slay your enemies.