Welcome to the Dancing Skeleton, the best bar in the swamp! Throw a Cat to our loveable dancing mascot, Nelly, for a month of good luck and a full belly to boot!

–Swamper Barman

The Dancing Skeleton is a unique bar only found in the city Shark. Swampers run the bar and have Empire Mercenaries stationed to maintain peace among the local gangs and other unsavory characters. Players can speak to the Swamper Barman to gather information about the local gangs or trade goods. Many patrons and eager followers can be found here from Bar Thugs to Mercenary and even Skeletons (dancing not included).

Possible Locations Edit

Depending on World States, there may be a Independent Bar found in these locations:

Residents Edit

This location also happens to sell all of the Letters From A Swamper.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Dried Fish
Dried Fish c.360 Common
Dried Meat
Dried Meat c.78 Common
Gohan c.444 (75%) Common
Hashish c.144 Common
Rice Bowl
Rice Bowl c.186 Common
Sake c.428 (75%) Common
Thinfish c.360 Common
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