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Tech Hunters Stoat is a Tech Hunters town located in the south-west of The Great Desert region. The city belonged to the United Cities until Emperor Tengu and Lord Inaba were killed, but Yabuta of the Sands remained in Tengu's Vault. If Yabuta were released Stoat would belong to him and his bandits.

The Slave Traders pacifier still can be found in the bar as well Hobbs.

Due to a lack of security it's easy for Skimmers and Cannibals to quickly run in the center of the town and start butchering everyone. Plus, Empire Peasants and Tech Hunters aren't allies so they won't take care of each other making survival for them more difficult.

You should be aware that Tech Hunters rules imply the town is running by Empire Lawless Trade Culture and no longer by Empire Trade Culture. Slavery is now a crime which eventually leads to fights against Manhunters or Slave Hunters if they are still wandering from town to town in this zone.

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