The Tax Collector is an outpost visit sent by United Cities to collect taxes from dregs that settled down in their territory, during this visit they will send Samurais and a tax collector to the players outpost to collect taxes.

If this event happened the first time, the player can ask why they would have to pay taxes, in which the tax collector will respond with that using any resource benefits from there lands will be considered stealing from the Empire and will need to pay taxes to not be counted as a criminal.

There is also a chance that the Tax Collector will raise the price of tax collecting from 2000 c to 3000 c, if the player asks why they do so, they will reason with that Anti-Slavers have been terrorizing the slavers and have to increase the price of taxes.

If the player chooses to exempt paying the tax, the tax collector will send a warning and an assault will be launched shortly after.

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