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The Sword for Hire is available to become a follower. They function exactly the same as the player created at the beginning. They can be found in bars and can be hired for 700 Cats. They can also be customized how you see fit. Once they have been hired the character customization screen, they are as fully editable as the player. They can be given weapons and equipment as well, simply hold right click and select "Loot", this opens both the currently selected character, and the other characters inventories for sharing between.

There are some other hire-able characters in Kenshi: Medic/Scientist, Engineer, and fighter: these people are far more expensive (2500 Cats) than regular swords for hire. However, as recompense for this fact, they already have higher skill levels, a specific skill strength, and better equipment. They are found in some bars, (usually two per bar) or randomly in the wilderness.

Sword for Hire NPC breakdown

700 Cats

  • All skills begin at Level 1
  • Normally start out with pants and Katana

2,500 Cats (Medic, Engineer, Fighter)

  • Medics start out at 40 First Aid and 20 Science. When hired, they start with 4 Advanced First Aid Kits, and a Splint Kit.
  • Engineers start out with 40 engineering and 20 labouring. They don't have anything in their inventory when hired. The engineer will also mention that he is not shy of manual labour either, hence the 20 labouring.
  • Fighters start out with 10 to every skill. When hired, they start with a worn out Topper for a weapon and a pair of pants. 

5,500 Cats 

  • Starts out with 15 to each combat skill. Normally wears a straw hat, pants, and wields a Sabre-type weapon.

Unique Sword for HireEdit

Currently, the only available unique Sword for Hire is an NPC named 'Infinite Wingwang'. Upon talking to Infinite Wingwang, you will have two dialogue options. The first option "Sorry, I thought you were somebody else," will end the conversation. The second option, which involves the player asking Infinite Wingwang if he wants to fight, will bring you to the next set of dialogue options. Eventually, Infinite Wingwang will tell you that he is for hire for "no small price." At first, he will offer to become a follower for 100,000 cats. Later dialogue options will lower his price to 10,000 and then he will eventually settle for 5,000 cats.

Infinite Wingwang starts out with the following stats:

Stats for Infinite Wingwang Upon Hiring
Skill Name Skill Level
Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Katanas 1
Sabres 20
Hackers 1
Heavy Weapons 1

Melee Attack

Melee Defense 10
Athletics 20


A sword for hire has an identical inventory to the player:

  • Weapon 1 - The primary weapon slot, Weapons Only
  • Weapon 2 - The secondary weapon slot, Weapons Only
  • Head - The slot for head based apparel, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Chest - The slot for chest based apparel, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Legs - The slot for leg based apparel, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Feet - The slot for footwear, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Backpack - The slot for a backpack, Backpacks Only