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Well I can’t believe it. This place is real after all. Here, one gets what one worked for. No nobles who were born lucky breathing down the necks of workers and asking for taxes. No priests claiming they’re the ones who got everything figured out and using people’s ignorance to steal from them. The only law here is that of nature: strongest gets it all…

–Letter from a Swamp resident

The Swampers faction comprises the denizens of The Swamp, often not aligned to any one gang in particular. A collection of outcasts, outlaws, exiles, and criminals, their society has a very violent dog-eat-dog nature. Street fights are not uncommon, breaking out over even trivial slights or offences.

They are run by a set of five gang clans, the Twinblades, the Grayflayers, the Stone Rats, Blackshifters and the Hounds. Each gang is led by one of the "Big Bosses", and generally stick to their own kinds of activities ranging from smuggling to extortion to kidnapping. They often compete for power within the hierarchy, and currently the gangs are led by Big Grim from the Hounds gang.

Non-Player Characters[]

The Swampers faction only has generic NPCs. All notable characters belong to the gang clans.

Miscellaneous NPCs[]

The generic NPCs who can be attributed to this faction.

Trade Culture[]

Vendors Marked-up goods
The traders that can be spawned in this faction's towns. Items that have a special status to this faction. Such as having a lower/higher price, or being Illegal.


The Swampers do not patrol any zones as Homeless Spawns.

These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-stormhouse.png Grayflayer Village
Mapico-stormhouse.png Mud Town
Mapico-town.png Shark
Mapico-stormhouse.png Swamp Village

Swamper Residents can also be found in Rot and Stone Rat Village.

Town Overrides
Depending on World States, these locations can be controlled by this faction.
Mapico-stormhouse.png Grayflayer Village
Mapico-town.png Shark x3